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Hi I’m Frank, a website manager, ethical hacker, and developer. I help students, businesses, and entreprenuers and level-up their online presence so it reflects their true value and generates more consistent, qualified leads.

Websites are being created at the rate of 252,000 every day

There are over 1,188,038,392 billion websites in the world

There are more than 25 billion indexed web pages on the Internet

There are roughly 363.5 million domain registrations

Only about 16.79% are active websites

Globally 30,000 websites are hacked daily

There are around 20 data breaches each day

Hackers target websites that aren’t maintained with up-to-date software and have poor passwords

Critical Tips to Secure Your Website

Are you still using "admin" user? This is the number one user that gets hacked.

2-minute fix to harden your site.

Are you using a simple password of consecutive letters and numbers like "Adyf4gh28" which can be brute-force cracked in 2-minutes?

1-minute fix to harden your site.

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