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When it comes to making money, most people make money by working for someone else. Trading our time for a paycheck. We want you to be able to break tradition.

You can work for a company and go into an office or nowadays, you can work remotely from home. But you’re still trading time for money. Let’s get a foundation built to bring in the income you need to live and ultimately, enough to live a rich life!

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If You Stop Working, You Stop Getting Paid!

Working hard
“I don’t get paid if I don’t figure this out”

We’ve all seen the ads or blogs written about “work from home” jobs. Maybe you earn $5-$20 taking surveys, watching videos, or crafting something for Etsy.

Serious money would be better! Remember we want you to live a rich life!

People write books. Other people start a consulting business or set up training seminars. You are still trading time for money!

A much better way to earn money is from passive income. Become an Online Industry Expert!

First focus on living a rich lifestyle.

No matter what age you are, your life comes first.

I’d love to see you smile and be happy.

We need to have enough money to pay the bills, feel secure, and travel. We want to be happy with our loved ones and family.

Being loved, being healthy, being fulfilled, and having a purpose is what we all want. We don’t want to have to worry about where the next dollar is coming from no matter what age we are.

If you had more money coming in than going out, wouldn’t you sleep better at night?

Do you enjoy sharing what you know with others?

Do you think you can learn and become an expert? What comes next is explosive! It’s what you do with your expertise that makes all the difference in your life.

Passive Income Is How

Earn money while you enjoy living a rich life. Not to say that some people really enjoy working at their job as I do!

We’d all just like to have separate income streams that keep working 24/7; while we sleep, or while we enjoy quality time with family and friends.

found money
Found Money

Affiliate Marketing Is Key

Tons of articles and YouTube videos have been created about affiliate marketing. No wonder, since this is currently the best way to make passive income.

All you do is write quality content. People come looking to learn.

You research and find ways for everyone to save money on quality products and services.

Can you do that? Don’t you already do that for yourself? Why not share what you know?

You make money in an ethical manner; providing a service and getting paid.

Karma, as my wife says, always comes around.

You may have run across Marcus Campbell, the Affiliate Marketing Dude, who has put together buckets of informative YouTube videos on the subject of affiliate marketing strategies and niche selection.

He’s a charismatic and quirky marketer who gives great advice on the topics. But, unless you know the right formula to put the pieces together, you’ll get lost.

The Bottom Line, Affiliate Marketing Dude says, is you have to start right now.

Wealthy Affiliate | Affiliate Marketing Training

We selected Wealthy Affiliate as the platform to grow our passive income stream and recommend that you try it out for free. You can join for free and get started with step-by-step training and videos that walk you through creating your first website.

The training walks you through everything you need to get your website set up. You get started writing content, get ranked on Google, and start seeing people coming to visit your site.

Your website is where you are going to share your expert knowledge and research. If you have astounding information, everyone is going to come to you to learn from you.

Here’s our detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate /2021-wealthy-affiliate-review

Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn how to build a business to make money on the internet.

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WARNING: Even though you are trying to make money you still have to protect your personal information. Hackers can use your personal information, such as your phone number, for identity theft.

Many online scams tell you that you can get extra cash quickly. You have to beware of companies that have payouts using a fake check, bogus gift cards or you just earn points that can’t be used for anything.

If you are uncertain about visiting a site, check it out on a few of the many Scam sites like before you enter any personal information.

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  1. Hey there! This was a good read and I like how it thoroughly explains the difference between active and passive income. Many people who have joined that program have had many big successes and small successes. What successes have you had on this program? For example, getting ranked on google, making first affiliate sale etc. Thanks for this article and wishing you success with your online business. 

    • Hi Gabriel, thank you for excellent thoughts and guidance! The Wealthy Affiliate program teaches you step by step methods to get ranked on google, to start building your traffic and how to make sales. By joining you are welcomed into a complete platform of like minded entrepreneurs who help you at every step! Get started today!

  2. The pandemic showed me how important it’s to have side income, specially if it comes from online. This is because most businesses closed but online activities skyrocketed. So, I was wondering if it’s to late to get started with affiliate marketing? But I guess there is still opportunity. I’ll give it a shot!

    • Hi, Abel! It’s never too late to get started even though some methods change over time the use of affiliate marketing will be viable for many years to come. Starting with Wealthy Affiliate gives you a boost beyond just setting up a website. The training and member support are worth far more than the cost of just hosting your website. Start FREE and see if you like it. Cheers!


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