2021 Affiliate Marketing Average Income

Can YOU Make A Living At Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, but the income varies widely depending on a number of factors. According to PayScale.com, average yearly income is $62,000. Obviously, there are rock stars that make twice that or more.

Working as an affiliate marketer for a company can earn you between $32,000 and $67,000 according to Glassdoor.com. There are hundreds of job postings on Glassdoor. There is certainly the need for more workers with the skills needed to drive traffic to websites.

Are You Above Average?Rock Star Affiliate Marketer

Can you write a captivating article, blog post or research keywords on the web? If you are great at these tasks, you may want to become a consultant. Consultants don’t have the overhead costs that companies contend with. All of the money comes to you (minus taxes) to pay for all the best things in life. As a consultant you can earn from $51,000 up to $113,000 or more.

If you don’t believe me, just search on Glassdoor for “affiliate marketing consultant” and check the latest jobs for yourself! This is a very lucrative field to be working in 2021.

 Passive Income

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is making passive income! Once you get the customer traffic coming to you, you only need to maintain your quality content and you should have people buying or subscribing to your offers while you sleep! So even if you are still working at your 9 to 5 job, you can be earning extra income on the side.

Check out my other posts for guidance on how to get started if you aren’t already involved in affiliate marketing and want to learn more.

Making A Living At Affiliate Marketing

Again, yes, you certainly can make a good living doing this. You can also do this in your spare time while still working another job.

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