A 100 Dollar Bill (Day 2) | How To Make It Happen

Ok. Let’s cut the crap! A 100 dollar bill should be easy to earn. Right?! Right??

…1:44 pm ET… Starting by searching google.com for “earn 10 dollar instantly”. Go, Go, Go.

Most of the sites that come up have SurveyJunkie listed and we all know how well that went yesterday.

SurveyJunkie Total = $2.29

Let’s try to filter out any sites that list SurveyJunkie. (“earn 10 dollar instantly -surveyjunkie”)

Found and starting with these sites:

  1. https://moneypantry.com/make-10-dollars-fast
  2. https://www.savebly.com/how-to-make-10-dollars-fast
  3. https://moneyfect.com/make-10-fast
  4. https://www.savvynewcanadians.com/how-to-make-10-dollars-fast

First site recommends – QuickRewards

The author says it’s better than CashCrate or Swagbucks. Says “guarantee that you can make an easy $10 in 20-30 minutes.”

…1:59 pm ET… Signed up for QuickRewards.net. Confusing site. Not sure what to do next. Found a survey. Not qualified…not qualified, not qualified, not qualified, not qualified.

Qualified on 6th try.

…2:19 pm ET… Finished first survey and earned 0.00! Tried Earn for Clicks! Earned 0.08.

…2:44 pm ET… Played crossword game and earned 25pt. Woo Hoo!

Moving on, with $0.08 to show.

Let’s take a quick look at TaskRabbit…

TaskRabbit is focused on people going out and doing something in person. This isn’t what we want to do for online work! Next…

How about Usertesting.com testing websites?

Ok. So I signed up and took a sample test for evaluation. I won’t know for a few days.

Earned $0.00.

Ok. So tomorrow we try something different! Cheers to everyone following this journey. Any help would be appreciated!

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Sites Referenced

  1. QuickRewards.net
  2. TaskRabbit.com
  3. Usertesting.com
  4. SurveyJunkie.com

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