A 100 Dollar Bill (Day 3) Astounding! $12 To Listen To Music

Ok. Let’s cut the crap! A 100 dollar bill should be easy to earn. Right?

Let’s go generate some income and see how much we can get in 1 hour.

Latest and Greatest find is from Kat Theo, the YouTube Blogger.

This is a really great idea! All you have to do is listen to music and you get paid up to $12 per song. Just for listening. Ok, so you may have to write a short review.

Ready to Listen and review!

playlistpush.com website

The website is called playlistpush.com. You click the button “I OWN PLAYLISTS” and enter your information details. The key to this is the last item – Your biggest Playlist(s) on Spotify.

playlistpush.com registration information

Let’s Set This Up

At the time of writing, in order for this to work, you need to have at least *1000 followers for your Spotify playlist. I don’t. But, Kat Theo had a genius idea that sounded perfect.

If you don’t have enough followers, just add your Spotify name and playlist name to a list that she started for her video blog followers. Next, you go through the list on Spotify and start following those that have come before you on the list so we all get enough followers.

Sounds like a great way to get Kat’s thousands of followers to help each other. So, I tried it out.

I created a Spotify account, created a new playlist, and added my Spotify name and playlist to the list that was created! Woo Hoo!

I then started following each and every name on the list. One by one. I got bored and I stopped at 568 following.

4 days later, I checked back, and low and behold, I had 7 followers.

So this was definitely a failure for me. Although the idea is great, the execution is flawed and you only get those followers that come after you. I did see a couple of Spotify accounts that had enough followers to sign up at Playlist Push so it might be possible for some of you to try this out.


If you have at least 1000 followers to make this work, give this a try and make some good money listening to music and writing a review – good luck.


*At the time of filming for Kat’s video, you only were required to have 400 followers. I think the people at Playlist Push caught on that something was up.

Here’s the original video blog by Kat Theo! From May 25, 2020.

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