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Why does one Blog succeed and the next one fails?

Awesome question, my friends! I just thought I would share this big secret that I just found out. I have given this a lot of thought lately. Much of the fun of being a part of a great community is watching friends achieve their goals. But there is a common theme why they are succeeding.

What is the biggest secret to blogging?


Without fail. Everyone who gets indexed, gets high ranks, makes sales and finds referrals have been hyper consistent. And not just in one target area; they have all promoted their writing in multiple facets.

  • Writing content at least 2 – 3 times a week, sometimes even daily
  • Promotion of their posts is consistent on social media – YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • Focus has been given to doing the research on keywords and competition

Site Maintenance

They also manage to find time to keep their website maintained. The software is kept up to date. Site speed is monitored and constantly tweaked. The visual user interface is adjusted for the best user experience.


These folks are the ambassadors of blogging. They answer questions of fellow bloggers and share insights.


Microblogging is a smaller version of a blog. Here are some example platforms that are used for microblogging:

  • Twitter – The most popular (140 Characters), Hashtags (#) used to catgeorize posts
  • Tumblr – Write a short note with frequent updates, more features than Twitter (appeals to the younger crowd)
  • Instagram – Photo journal
  • Meetme – Dating website
  • TikTok – Brief video with short text blocks

The content has fewer words/characters. Basically short sentences, smaller URL’s {[shortening URL services -such as and tinyurl)}, video links, and individual images. Easy and fast reading or viewing.

Microblogging is used to promote your website, product, and services via the web or mobile device.

As you can see microblogging can be a very useful tool: Its primary use is effective marketing strategies. Quick and easy ways to communicate a message using your PC, MAC, notepad, and or mobile device, etc.

Money making blogging secrets

But the bulk of the time is on content creation. Everyone wonders if there is a special trick to being successful in building an online presence.

The trick is simple. Learn how to write consistent content that Google likes, and your audience can read. And make tons of it weekly.

Google likes headline topics and content that is focused on the keywords contained in the headline.

Be happy because this is a skill that anyone can learn and when you apply it to your content you are sure to succeed.

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