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Okay, at you sign up for an account as a freelancer. What you do is you enter your credentials and you make bids on projects that other people or companies put out there for freelancers to bid on.

The person who creates the projects then looks at the bids. There can be sometimes 5 to 50 bids.

That project owner selects the freelancer they want to work with and chats with them to find out if they’re a good match. Next, they send a request for the freelancer to accept the project to work on.

Very simple. You do the work and then get paid.

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Freelancer Tips

It’s best to break up a project into milestones and break down the price into at least three milestones. The first being 50% of the total. The second being 50% of the remaining and the third being the remaining amount.

That way your bulk of payment comes with the first milestone and you feel you’ve accomplished a good start with the customer. If you both agree to accept the milestone as completed, you get paid.

There Are many types of jobs available on You get to enter your skills as part of your profile. This helps you get picked for projects when your skills match the project needs.


You start with a limited number of bids to be able to try to get projects. You can always pay to get more or just wait for your bids to be recharged with time.


There are four monthly plans. They can also be annually paid or prepaid.

Actually, there are five plans, one is not listed. The one not listed is the free plan which only lasts a short period and only gives you a few bids to start with.

The basic plan gives you 50 bids for a month and allows you to enter up to 50 skills that you have to offer. The basic price is $4.95 a month.

The plus level allows you to enter 100 bids per month and enter 80 skills. The plus price is $9.95 per month. So you can see as we go up in the plan level that you get increased bids and increase skills that you can offer.

The professional plan is $29.95 a month. The premiere level is $59.95 a month.

I would hope if you’re on the premiere level that you’re earning a lot.

I didn’t mention, the professional you get 300 bids per month and you get to list 100 skills. With the premier, you get to bid 1500 bids per month and you get to list 400 skills.

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When you sign up for, you have to enter information to verify your identity. You have to verify a payment type like a credit card to pay for membership. Finally, you have to verify your phone and email. Simple.

Once you’re done verifying, which only takes a few minutes to an hour, you’re able to start bidding on projects.

So basically what you do is you look at the price that a project is listed at – typically there’s a range like between $30 and $250 that the customer wants to pay. And you bid how much you think it will cost to complete as well as how much time you think it will take to complete.

So I started with a free account I was given the opportunity to upgrade for free for a month to the basic account. I right now have 28 bids left out of 100. I think that’s for the month and I get additional bids every 7 hours or so.

Okay, so what you do next is look for a project that you’re interested in and have skills to complete.

An example is a project that has to do with a SharePoint page and web parts and they have a range for the bid of 15 to $25 an hour.

The person is located in the United States. What you want to do is, you want to look at the information about the client to determine if this person is a valid client. Be careful, because there are bogus clients that come on to try and take advantage of developers that aren’t familiar with the process.

So what you want to look for is a client engagement showing that this client has worked with any other Freelancers before.

You want to look and see if the client is verified and you want to see if the client has verified the payment method deposit, the email, and phone number. Just to be sure that who you’re dealing with is a real person and not just some type of bot.

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So then your next step is to place a bid. You describe your proposal – what makes you the best person or candidate for the project.

Explain any projects that you’ve worked on in the past that are similar. You pick an hourly rate, or depending on the project, you enter the price that you want to bid.

For example, you bid $30 and you would say that you’d be able to complete the project in 7 days. Then once you’re done writing that description, you press the button for placing your bid.

Project Tips

Another thing to look at on a project is the proposals tab. This is where other developers have bid on the project and you get ideas of how much they are bidding. What the average bid is and how many bids have come through.

Sometimes you get to see their proposals if they’re not sealed. Some of the high-end developers have sealed all of their bidding proposal information so you can’t read it.

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