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Why does one Blog succeed and the next one fails? Awesome question, my friends! I just thought I would share this big secret that I just found out. I have given this a lot of thought lately. Much of the fun of being a part of a great community is watching friends achieve their goals. … Read more

How To Start A Your Own Website On Bobby Bowden

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Welcome! Let’s get started. You’ve got your Niche or Idea for a website picked out! Congratulations! That makes this process so much easier. Launch your Website and Turn Your Passion into a Memorial or even a Thriving Business. There are many sites where you can launch your website but there is only one place where … Read more

Earn Extra Money

Ways To Earn Money After Retirement Become an Airbnb Host Rent Your Space. Earn cash hosting people from around the world by renting out your extra space. Airbnb has emerged as an alternative to established hotels, and with good reason: it allows people access to a variety of accommodation at much cheaper prices. If you … Read more

Creative Ways To Make Money In Retirement

Are you a creative person? Try Writing or Editing Look for freelancing opportunities for editing written posts or articles or for writing content. This is a great creative outlet that doubles as a source of income. Your writing skills improve and you gain experience helping someone while collecting a paycheck. Check job sites like Upwork, … Read more

2021 Affiliate Marketing Average Income

Can YOU Make A Living At Affiliate Marketing? Yes, but the income varies widely depending on a number of factors. According to, average yearly income is $62,000. Obviously, there are rock stars that make twice that or more. Working as an affiliate marketer for a company can earn you between $32,000 and $67,000 according … Read more

Love Your Website

Love My New Website! All shiny and new with pictures I love and helpful articles I wrote that people give 5 stars when they read ’em! When you build something on your own, you can be proud that you spent time being productive. When other people also get a benefit from what you create, then … Read more