Do you get drug tested at work and want to use CBD? Here’s how…

Do you get drug tested at work and want to use CBD? Here’s how…

Most people have to take several pills daily for a myriad of health issues. And most people including myself, are always looking for alternative treatments instead of letting a “Big Pharma” dictate what we put into our bodies.

I have done a lot of research to find a natural alternative that works for me. Years ago, someone suggested that I try CBD for my pain & inflammation. I was leary, scared really because I didn’t know how it would make me feel but also because I have a government job that randomly drug tests all their employees. I wasn’t about to risk my job security for CBD or any other natural alternative.

If you are in the same predicament that I was, let me tell you how I found the perfect solution (for me). I became quite the research buff on the subject of CBD and how it affects the human body, specifically, how or if it would show up on a drug test, and here’s the first & probably the most important thing I learned. There are 3 kinds of CBD; there’s:

  • CBD Full Spectrum
  • CBD Broad Spectrum
  • CBC Isolate

Of course, I had no clue what the differences were. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Full Spectrum CDB contains many other compounds of the cannabis plant such as terpenes & cannabinol which means it also contains all the THC that comes with it.

Broad Spectrum CBD products can contain up to 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid that produces the “high” feeling in people.

Then there’s CBD Isolate, which is the purest form of CBD. It contains NO other cannabis compounds of the plant, therefore 0% THC.

I immediately ruled out full & broad-spectrum and concentrated my efforts on learning all I could about CBD Isolate. After learning that CBD Isolate DOES NOT show up on a drug test, I decided to try it.

My first thought was “how effective could it really be?”

Because of how refined CBD Isolate is, someone trying to avoid any THC may have to take high doses in order to be therapeutic for ailments such as pain & inflammation.

I started out using 1000 mg of Isolate CBD oil (1 full dropper 3 times a day). Within a month, I noticed I had a better range of motion & less pain. I eventually upgraded to 3000 mg 3 times a day and found my pain & inflammation, due to arthritis, was not only manageable but almost non-existent.

I bought a 7-panel drug test and low & behold, I tested negative for THC. I was elated!

One of the companies I trust getting my CBD Isolate from is Medterra. The reasons I trust their products are because in all of my research I learned that a reputable product/company should offer lab test results that test the purity of the product and is done at a 3rd party lab. Medterra offers this information and more.

The conclusion to my little experiment was that I never had to take OTC pain meds again, my pain & inflammation was pretty much gone, and I still have my job security. I’ve provided links to other websites of companies I’ve vetted with products & product info that check all the boxes.

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