The ability to write persuasive words. The ability to write words that sell – ads, emails, sales letters.

Use this to further your business. To increase engagement. To convert an ad to clicks to your landing page. To convert people who land on your landing page to get them to opt-in and give you their email. To get people who give you their email and land on a sales page to actually follow through and buy something. All of these steps add up to a sales funnel.

You need to be able to write an ad that converts. You need to know what you are selling or what you want people to do.

Writing Posts That Convert

  1. The Headline – Captivating an Interesting
  2. The Opening Paragraph (Tell People What You Are Going to Talk About)
  3. The Meat of the Ideas (Tell Them)
  4. The Conclusion (Tell Them What You Just Talked About)

Writing Emails That Convert

4 Primary Steps

  1. The email must first get delivered
  2. The email must be seen
  3. The content of the email must be read
  4. The call to action must be clicked

Anatomy of an Email

  1. The Subject Line – grab their attention
  2. The Opening Sentence – draws them in
  3. The Story
  4. The Lesson “Learned” – what was the lesson that was learned
  5. The Call to Action –

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6 types of hot selling emails

  1. story
  2. checklist/tips
  3. question/answer
  4. controversy
  5. popular references
  6. curiosity

Rules of Engagement

  1. Send Emails Daily
  2. Always Be “Pointing”
  3. Create Compound Effect
  4. Constantly Plan Ahead
  5. BONUS: Repurpose Your Email Content

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