Creative Ways To Make Money In Retirement

Are you a creative person?

  1. Try Writing or Editing
    Look for freelancing opportunities for editing written posts or articles or for writing content. This is a great creative outlet that doubles as a source of income. Your writing skills improve and you gain experience helping someone while collecting a paycheck. Check job sites like Upwork, Indeed or We Work Remotely for writing or editing jobs
  2. Try Photography
    If you have an eye for taking great pictures, retirement is a perfect time to use this hobby to bring in extra income. You can be creative, possibly travel, and get paid. Focus on what brings you the most joy and find local artist booths or art fairs to find an audience to sell your pieces.

Telling Stories

  1. Becoming a Local Guide Tour guide
    There are many benefits to being a local guide. You can use your passion for knowledge and guide people to destinations around the world. You would get to travel, meet new people, have flexibility, extra income, and learning opportunities. Researching the destinations and learning hidden secret facts can be fun and provide personal growth.

Creative Artwork

  1. Try Drawing Digital Artwork
    With the number of new websites being created, the need for custom artwork has skyrocketed. If you are an artist and want to work with other creative people, you can collaborate online with people from all over the world on custom designs and artwork. Websites need logos, banner art, cartoons, and image editing. If you’ve signed up for Fiverr, just remember you can ask for more the just a fiver!

Feel free to comment and let us know the fascinating and fun ways you get creative!

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