Earn Money Daily Doing Nothing

How do I Earn Money Daily Doing Nothing

As my daughter says, give ’em the good stuff first

1. Use cash back credit cards to pay for everything you buy or pay for. Earn thousands of dollars back yearly and you don’t have to do anything to get this free money!

2. Earn up to $300 back when you sign up for a new credit card and make $3000 in purchases

American Express Card Offer

3. Buy dividend stocks that pay you a percentage every month just for owning the stocks!

4. Donate plasma – you can earn up to $1100 a month on gift cards

More ways to earn money for doing nothing

Boy, you guys know this is hard to find! Most companies online and IRL want you to do something or give up your personal data to get money. I don’t call that free. Let’s keep going.

Get money free doing nothing

1. Post an ebook for sale on Fiverr.com, Shopify.com, Amazon.com, or Payhip.com

So, this doesn’t even need to be a book you wrote, you can sell other’s books for commission or sell Amazon books using affiliate links.

2. Sell an app on Fiverr.com, Apple.com or Google Play. You can even sell just a great idea for an app.

3. Sell your photos on Shopify.com, Etsy.com, Shutterstock.com, 500px Prime, and SmugMug Pro

4. Sell an online course on Thinkific.com, Kajabi.com, Teachable.com, or Mightynetworks.com

Get free money real life

Lend some of your money out

1. Fundrise is for beginners with no accreditation required.

2. CrowdStreet is for commercial real estate, mostly for accredited real estate investors with a $25,000 minimum.

3. PeerStreet has Pocket accounts available to accredited investors with a minimum of only $1000.

4. RealtyMogul has offerings available to both accredited and non-accredited investors.

5. DiversyFund invests in multifamily real estate for the everyday investor with an investment minimum of $500.

6. Yieldstreet works with alternative investments with a minimum of $1000 to invest.

7. EquityMultiple has a minimum investment of $10,000 to gain access to private market commercial real estate.

YES! To answer the question: Can you make money online doing nothing?!

If you have money to invest, you can make a big return. If you are starting with some product, like ebooks, photos, training, then you can make a good passive income. If you at least have blood running through your veins, you can get a thousand a month to get drained!

Free money online now

Hidden Treasure can be found at your U.S. government treasure hunt website.

For Florida, go to Florida’s Treasure Hunt – REALLY! And search for family and friends lost money! I got $25 free.

How to make money by doing nothing

Put Ads on your car – StickerRide, Wrapify, Carvertise, Free Car Media, ReferralCars

Put Ads on your Website – Google Adsense

Put Advertisements on your App

Put Adverts on your Blog

Here is some of the training available at Wealthy Affiliate: Get Started Here!

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