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Welcome! We live together in a new age where money is easily made online. Passive income can be generated from a well-built website, e-book, app, or video channel.

It’s easy to find profit within your network. Most of us know people interested in making money doing nothing. The activity around making money involves research. Once you find a way to make money online you just need to share it with your network.

Make Money

You can make money right now! First, get online and build a landing page on your website. If you don’t yet have a website, you can make one in 10 minutes for free.

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Now that you have a website, make a page and call it “Easy Profit for My Network”. This is the page you’re going to be sharing with your network of friends and family and anyone else.

Next, you’re going to need the details of how to make the money doing nothing. This is the important information that you want to share. Did you already have a great idea you wanted to share? If not, then think about what you are best at doing. Can you draw? Do you know gardening? Do you like to read or write? How about shopping? Do you like to shop and spend money?

Doing Nothing

Ok. So, you’re going to need to either write down your amazing idea or use google type with your voice in Chrome. I love just talking to write out an idea! It’s so easy!

So, the key to what we’re doing here is writing down the idea that you’ve got in mind about the best thing that you’re good at doing. If you can draw; If you can garden – can you keep a plant alive or maybe you know Hydroponics.

If you like to read and write, you’re going to write down that information for someone else to read. It’s all about the content that we’re trying to bring to your friends and family.

One of the best things to do is shopping! Do you like to spend money? Most of us do; So we talk about where you like to shop. How much money you spent. How much money you saved. What you did to save money. What was the store like? Was it clean or was it dirty? Did they have the things that you were looking to buy? If you were looking to buy some pants, did they have the sizes that fit you or not?

The next thing to do now that we’ve gotten the idea written down and we’ve got it on your landing page on your website is to share.

person shopping

Basically, we’re going to go on Facebook and Instagram, and Pinterest, and we’re going to post to our friends and family that we’ve got this great idea that we wanted to share!

We know everybody would be interested and we’re pretty sure they’re interested because it’s coming from you. So, we want people to come in and read what your idea is. From there we go to the next step because at this point you’re doing nothing – which is the goal!

So, how do we make money you ask?

You’ve got a website and you’ve got a great idea that you’ve written down. And you’ve published it out to your social media so all your friends and family can come and read it.

And the next piece is affiliate marketing! This is where the money comes from so what you want to do is incorporate either advertising; They have many forms of ads that you can add to your page and you can get paid if somebody clicks on one of the ads.

Or another way to make money is to have affiliate advertising, for instance, how you sell is you have links on your page to products or services that are really interesting to your friends and family who are visiting your website and reading the idea and information that you have shared.

So the way you make money is when people click on the links where they go and buy the products listed on your webpage and you’re doing nothing at this point – just sitting back letting your profits build themselves.


So is it easy to profit from your network? Yes, you can make money doing nothing!

You set up a web page. You put the links in place that generate income and you’re making money. It’s that simple.

To get started right now to build your online business CLICK HERE

Do you want to sit and do nothing still or do you want to create a new page with a new idea so you can make more money?

You can also make money doing the same thing for other people. You can write down your ideas for other websites and get paid to do the writing.

Every one of us has great ideas that we want to share with our friends and family. So let’s go out and have fun! And share great content with the world.

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