How to Create Your Own Logo for a Website

How to create your own logo for a website?

You’ve decided to get a logo ready for your website. Now you may have a design or a theme in mind already or maybe not. Are you going to draw it yourself with Paint or Photoshop? If you’re an artist, this might work well for you. I’m not sure why you’re here but welcome anyhow.

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If you’re like me, I need help! At the very least, I’m gonna need a tool that does all that fancy-schmancy graphic design work for me.

Maybe, you just want to pay someone to put it together for you. There are some really great sites where you can buy a custom logo.

First Put Together a Design Check List of Needs/Wants

Before you just throw together a logo, please consider putting together a list of how you want it to look and the impression you want to make on your website visitors.

  1. Pick a Color Palete
  2. List Your Products or Services
  3. Put Together a List of Key Phrases
  4. Find Out if you are going to need to Blend with a Parent Company Logo and Theme
  5. What Does Your Competition Look Like
  6. Do you have a Company Name
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Do It Yourself?

Did you decide to do it yourself? I did. I used an online logo generator and I think it looks pretty professional. Let me know if you disagree below.

So, now that you have your checklist put together, we can get started creating your own custom logo for your website. For those artists in the room, go put together something beautiful and drop back later to show us what you got!

For everyone else, let’s go over to the Online Log Generators. You can always tweak anything you generate once you have the image files to work with. I’ve had to adjust the file size, grab just a portion of the logo for use as an icon, etc.

Did You Say You Were Going to Buy A Logo?

Where Can I Buy One? Ok. If you want to get a custom logo created for your website, the best place to go is

Here are some of the better designers:

Use an Online Logo Generator?

Great! Get ready to spend some time scrolling through a long list of colors, themes, styles, graphics, and fonts. You really get some decent designs if you’re willing to take the time to do it right. I suggest you go back to your list from time to time to review the key factors to stay on track.

Logo Generators are going to be limited by what they have programmed in. Though the selection is vast. Between the choices for lines, shapes, graphics, photos, charts, frames, and grids, you will have a browsing nightmare!

The biggest difference between the generator and having an artist design your logo is the creative mind has no limit! An artist’s concept can be unique, compelling, and emotional. But, hey, you get what you pay for, right!


FREE? Yep, you can get some for free. Just click below and I’ll send you 10 FREE Logos.

Or just go to and create your own design for free.

A couple of other FREE logo creators are

  1. is a site that uses Artificial Intelligence to design your logo based on your name, and industry.
  2. is a free site but here you get what you pay for; not professional looking
  3. is very similar in design style to
  4. Stick with looka or canva. Decide what you want and move on to making money!!!

Logos Beyond the Website…

Remember, you can use your logo on all kinds of great swag. T-Shirts, mugs, hats, USB drives, spinners, and, of course, yo-yos.

So, if you just want some free logos designed by yours truly, click below and I’ll send them to you. But I recommend you taking the time and putting your design list together and checking out either or and make something absolutely fabulous! Thanks.

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