Love Your Website, does Google? do other people?

I absolutely love your new website. All shiny and new with pictures I love. Filled with helpful articles and rated with 5 stars.

You’ve worked hard to build your website. You’ve spent hours working to get traffic to your website.

You’ve spent months following the training to learn the right way to make money online. It has gotten you to this point in time.

Where is everyone? You were told if you built it with the right keywords then traffic would come. Does Google see your site?

Send me an email right away to run a site analysis to turn this around! 

Google Loves Your Website

We have to put some work into making Google fall head over heels in love with your site. Google just released an update to their algorithm that affects how sites get ranked. They do this periodically because of the companies that learn the hacks and cheats to get a better ranking than they deserve. Google works to level the playing field so that they stay on top.

How do we make Google love your website? How do we make people love your website?

These two goals don’t necessarily align. Google is looking for technical points to check off. People are looking for the most interesting site that solves their problem.

Coming up

  1. Tips on How to design an interesting page that even Google loves
  2. How to get more traffic to your website

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