Average Pay Per Hour – How To Make Astounding Income

Average Pay Per Hour

The average pay per hour in the US is DROPPING! Based on the research done by the Statista Research Department, the average pay per hour in May 2020 was $11.62 but this year it has steadily dropped to $11.29 in May 2021.

For an average yearly income, we would be looking at roughly $23,483.20. Let’s find some ways to get us above average.

Let’s Target 10 Times The Average

Our goal is to make $234,832 a year. We would be making $112.90 an hour, or $903.20 a day. How do we do this?

To get our hourly income this high, we need to be smart and build revenue generating businesses. We just can’t work for someone and get paid this much. The businesses we build will bring in the money without us having to constantly work on them. We won’t be trading our time for money, or being paid by the hour.

What Businesses Can We Build

  1. Build a Website and Sell Products
  2. Build an Affiliate Website and Get Paid to Send Traffic to Other Peoples Products
  3. Create a YouTube Channel and Get Paid by Advertisers and Sponsors
  4. Create Training Courses and Get Residual Income
  5. Dig For Gold in Alaska
    • Gold Dust

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