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The professional way to reach Google’s Page # 1. The RANKR Plugin Review will help you choose whether or not to use this easy, and inexpensive tool.

Top WordPress Plugin of 2021.


RANKR is a brand new powerful WordPress plugin that allows anyone to get more page 1 rankings. The plugin comes with tools for backlinks, social signals, and even SEO site-wide tags.

How do you normally get Google page 1 rankings?

The stool gives you a step-by-step guide on what you need to optimize in your post to rank on Google page 1.

It has a built-in tool to allow you to search for hundreds of keywords to be able to refine your post in real-time.

You can insert any link you want and simply create backlinks. Easy! RANKR solves the problem for you by creating high-quality backlinks that give your site’s link power they need to rank. Nowhere else do you get this capability.

Many people ignore the very important built-in option of adding tags to their posts. WordPress tags help you rank better than your competition and also get you free traffic from related keywords.

RANKR is made for newbies. It’s easy to use and anyone can get started or start getting page 1 rankings having RANKR installed on their sites

Are there other similar products and how do they rank

There are no other products on the market that work as easily or have all of the abilities of RANKR. I will continue to research and look for options.

Most tools will not create backlinks, nor do they tell you real-time you are missing alt-text on your images.

Step By Step on RANKR Plugin

First, you write your post based on the keywords that you’ve defined. Then add tags on related keywords to your post. Then, once you’re done writing your post, you come back out to the WordPress menu and go to the RANKR menu and click on the backlink maker.

The backlink maker will generate backlinks to your post. You enter your domain name and hit submit and it will create backlinks for you. What a huge advantage!

Also, it will create social signals for you so you can copy the social link to your post to share on Facebook, Pinterest, Linked In, or Twitter. Or you can click on the social media icon and share immediately.

Last, we have SEO tags. This is different than the tags on the post. You can add tags to all your posts with one click from here.


How much does it cost?


Bonus unlimited sites license on launch week only! They’re giving a free unlimited sites license which means you can use and install RANKR on an unlimited number of sites that you own.

What are the benefits? Get page 1 ranking on Google!

When you are writing a post you can scroll down and see a section called optimize your post. This section will provide tips on what you need to refine in order to optimize the post. Things such as showing the keyword in the H1. And it will let you know you’re missing alt text on images.

RANKR allows you to find keyword ideas and generate tags. You can then add those tags of those keyword tags to your post and be able to get ranking from those related tags as well.


Easy to Install.

Low cost.

Great benefits.

Money Back Guarantee

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