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What is an Email Autoresponder?

Do you get emails from your customers or subscribers? Do you respond to each one every day as they come in? Do you follow up every day for 7 days on every email? Do you follow up every month, every year? Do you create advertising emails and send them out only to a target audience? Do you stager your outbound emails so you don’t get Blacklisted as spam?

email autoresponder

Email autoresponders do all of this for you. Focus on your content and running your business and let the software handle most of your email responses.

These tools will give you a central location to build your email list.

They run 24/7/365 making sales for you.

They can also handle emotional rejections so you stay objective when handling difficult situations.

Choosing the Right Autoresponder For You

Choosing the right autoresponder depends on your clients and subscribers. Do you have a few emails incoming and outgoing? Do you have thousands of incoming and a few outgoing? Do you have thousands incoming and thousands outgoing (that’s the goal)?

Many people select the established leaders in the field – Mailchimp or AWeber. Traditional companies use Mailchimp.

Will these companies provide you with the tools you need for Affiliate Marketing? Do they have flows that can be customized, monitored, and modified? Do they provide analytical data showing you where you can improve responses?

Does your autoresponder provider have an affiliate program you can join? Nice to have a tool you recommend and use pay you to use it!

Best Choice for Affiliate Marketing: Active Campaign*

Review by Spencer Mecham

Have you contacted your customers today? Have they contacted you today? When are you going to be able to respond to their emails? Today? ASAP? Now?

You may be losing customers if you are getting emails and not responding promptly. You may be losing customers if you aren’t sending out updates to your subscribers. You may be losing sales if you aren’t sending your target audience new product announcements. Do you want to be losing customers, subscribers, and sales? NO.

Other Options

NameAffiliate programDescription
AWeberYesSending patterns are periodically checked. May block your account if you appear to be breaking the platform policy rules. YouTube Video Training. Pricing (FREE, $)
GetResponseYesChecks for platform policy violations. Primary use – send emails. Pricing ($, $$, ???, 30 Day Free Trial)
MailchimpYes/NoEasy templates. Hard to configure. The affiliate program only pays paid plan members. Pricing (FREE, $, $$$)
TrafficWaveYesTargeted audience: affiliate marketers
SendsharkPricing ($$). The landing page looks like a scam. Adds third-party promotions to your emails and changes your internal email links prior to sending emails. Review at
Convert Kit (#2 Choice)YesPricing (FREE, $)
Active CampaignYesGreat for bloggers. Includes Training Tools. Easily scales.
Pricing (FREE, $, $$, $$$)

Monthly Pricing

FREE, $(9-59), $$(60-129), $$$(229-299), Free Trial, ???(Custom Pricing)

Affiliate Marketing to Get Free Email Autoresponder

Email autoresponders all have an affiliate program. Use this program to pay for your own usage! Be sure to let all your fellow affiliate marketers know which tools work best for you, as I’ve done here. Share the good and the bad. And get paid to use the tool you love to use!


*Recommended by Spencer Mecham of, Dave Hayes of

Choice for Best Email Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing: Active Campaign*

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  1. I have discovered how important email marketing is. And having a good tool seems logical once we have decided to pursue this goal of building a solid email list. I have heard of AWeber before. And I see you mentioned it here on this post too. So, because I am familiar with it, I’ll give it a try.

    • Awesome! Thank you, Ann. AWeber is a great tool. I like the ability to create different campaigns and customize the steps in the workflow. I’m sure it will benefit you to have at least one of the email autoresponders working for you. If you have any trouble with the tool, be sure to come back and let our readers know! AdThanksVance!


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