Secret Money Underground

I’ve fallen into the secret money underground.

Amazing returns in your investment that no one wants to talk openly about. I invested $200 USD yesterday and woke up to see $400 USD in my account. I’ve re-invested the $400 USD and will see tonight if it increases and if I can withdraw any of it.

I will only share the links with trusted friends who have the money to lose since I’m just learning if these are scams or not.

Last week (last year in December 2021), I watched a TikTok video of a man who talked about a 200% return on your investment from a company calling themselves This has been a rollercoaster of fun and fear.

First the fun!

I invested $30 and got back $60 after exactly 100 hours.

I invested $1200 and got back $2400 after another 100 hours.

Amazing that this sort of thing actually exists! Is it a fantasy, a Ponzi scheme, a crypto-bot that is actually mining money? Only the site owner knows for sure.

Then the fear hit!

The site crashed and was gone. I joined the Telegram user group that was reporting on what happened next. Reports that the server had been hacked. Reports that the site owner was rebuilding in 72 hours. The painful waiting began with fear of loss and everyone (over 1500 people) wondering if they’d just been scammed.

A New Year – January 1, 2022

The site has come back up on a new domain and has offered to credit everyone who had money in the old system to start over. We’ve all signed up and put in for our credit and so far everything appears to be up and running.

But. We won’t know what happens for 4 days. And the clock resets for us to wait another 100 hours to see if anyone starts getting these phenomenal returns again.

Send me an email at to get updated on what happens next.

I’ll put a secret image on this page if any of the secret investments actually pay up.

One of them has doubled the account already, but I made the mistake of reinvesting the whole initial deposit. Rookie mistake. As I said, I just learned about this world and need to learn better strategies on how to grow.

I don’t know how long this secret money underground has been around but I suspect it has been going on hidden for decades. Be careful my friends, this is obviously a very high-risk endeavor.

More secrets coming soon

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