Earn $100/Day Spinbot Income Workshop

Would you?

Today I ran across a YouTuber that had a method of making $100 a day online. It involves copying and pasting articles you find on the internet.

The process goes like this.

  1. You find an article with a topic on healthy lifestyles and/or eating.
  2. You copy the text from the article and go over to a free site that will spin the article by re-writing some of the text automatically. One site known to do this is Spinbot.com.
  3. You then take the re-written article and submit it as your own work to other sites that accept submissions and pay you based on the number of words written.

This certainly sounds like a simple way to make $100 a day as long as you’re submissions are accepted and you can get paid like they suggest at $1/word.

Content Creation / Writing Spinner Sites

  1. Spinbot.com
  2. Free Article Spinner

Article Sources

  1. Google News

Too many others to list… See – the internet.

Submission Sites

  1. Eatingwell.com, submit an email to their Contact with the Subject – Article Submission and attach the file containing the re-written text

2. Sierraclub.org – follow the submission instructions found on their site. They are looking for Technology or Science articles.

3. Daily.jstor.org

Is this something you would do for money? Let us know your opinions.

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