THE HOW TO: With a Wealthy Affiliate Review For An Honest Opinion


Tell me about Wealthy Affiliate? Scam or Legit, Making Money or Not, Good Training or Bad, Overnight or Hard Work, Easy to Learn or Very Hard, Expensive or Cheap, Any Proof or None

About Me: Full disclosure, yes, I’m a paying Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been one for less than a month.

Scam or Legit:

I think it is meant to be Legit. You are able to start a FREE account and remain indefinitely that way. If you want to pay for Premium or Premium Plus, you get added value such as domain registration and additional site hosting.

Making Money or Not:

So far, I am not making any money. I have read time and again that this is not an overnight success type of process and that hard work should pay off in the long run. There is a page within the platform where people who have had success can post to let everyone know that it does work.

Good Training or Bad:

The training is easy to follow and has been effective to get me indexed by Google and the site visitors has steadily increased over time to a grand average of 7 visits per day. Most of the expert training is reserved for the Premium Plus level but there is more than enough training and posts provided by members and available to all that you can learn almost everything you need to build a functional website.

Overnight or Hard Work:

As I mentioned before, this is not an overnight success story. Creating the website is done in several minutes and tweaked over time with creative enhancements and plugin additions. You will have to write posts and pages and research topics to write about. If you want your site to rank, you have to write original content. Google’s ranking algorithm will recognize plagiarism and rank you lower if you just copy and paste content.

Easy to Learn or Very Hard:

The training is easy to learn and usually provides step by step instructions as well as videos that you can follow along with as you go. You will get stuck from time to time as the training is dated and does not always follow the latest version of WordPress, plugin or platform. Fortunately, there are over a million members and someone will help you out.

Expensive or Cheap:

The cost is both expensive and cheap. If you were to go out and buy a domain and pay for a shared hosting for your website, you would pay roughly $9.99 at Google domains and $2.95/month at Bluehosting.

For the FREE tier, you only need to buy a domain name and point it to your website at Wealthy Affiliate; For the Premium tier, you pay $49/month for a domain and hosting of up to 10 sites. So, it can cost more that a bargain priced configuration but you also get high speed hosting and not shared which will allow your site to rank higher. You also get free backups, if you’ve ever done regular backups on your site you know this is a nice benefit.

So you may pay more on the Premium tier, but you also get more for your money than just basic registration and hosting.

Any Proof or None:

Great question. Many members don’t list their websites so you don’t know how well they are really doing. Given domain names, you can easily run analytics on visitors, competitors, keywords, ranking, and SEO in general. As I mentioned, there is a page where members post there successes but who knows what the real truth is without any proof.

I do understand the need for a level of paranoia when it comes to the websites. It is very easy, given web technology to clone a website and “steal” traffic. There is some signs of sites being abandoned and members just ghosting the platform, never to be seen or heard from again.

ALTERNATIVES: What are the alternatives? Anthony Morrison?

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