Use Your Phone To Make Money

Great ways to make money using your phone

If you’ve got a smartphone and the desire to hustle, you can make extra money. Some of these ideas can net you a decent amount of money, most others will take time to add up to anything significant. But if you have time to kill and a cell phone in your hands, why not make some extra cash.

Trade Stocks, Options

Use your phone to login to Trade Stocks or Options through your broker. If you don’t have one, sign up for Robinhood and get a free stock.

Most brokerage companies allow you to trade on your phone either through an app or on the web. Top companies like E-TRADE, TD Ameritrade, InteractiveBrokers, Webull, and Robinhood.

Photos, Videos

A great creative way to make money with your phone is taking photos or videos. There are a lot of need for custom photos and you can find customers on Fiverr, TaskRabbit, 500px, SmugMug Pro, and Shutterstock. Some photos can even earn you $100 a piece.

Use Foap to sell those phone images. Deborah Sawyerr, the founder of financial literacy website Sawyerrs’ House, sells all kinds of photos on Foap for $5 a piece. You can upload any of your own photos, from selfies to food, landscape, pets and practically anything. There are money-making rewards ranging from $100 to $2,500 when you participate in specific missions. In some cases, Foap transfers photos to partners, such as Shutterstock and Adobe which gives you more opportunities to make money. The higher quality the images, the more likely it is that you can use them to make money from your phone.


There are plenty of shopping apps that will payback a percentage of your shopping by either uploading your receipts or shopping using the app itself to connect to a online store.

My favorite app is Shopkick. My wife and I had loads of fun with this one. You earn points toward gift cards by scanning store inventory for items found on a list in the app. It’s kinda like a scavenger hunt. You get points and the stores get to know if they have inventory on the shelves. You can also earn points watching ads in the app. Big points are gained if you buy the items that you are scanning! Like a built in coupon.

You won’t get direct cash back with Shopkick, but you earn points to redeem for vendor gift cards. Shopkick offers gift cards to popular retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Old Navy and Lowe’s.

You don’t even have to actually buy or scan anything to benefit from Shopkick. Just walking into a partner store can help you earn points.



One of your new favorite ways to make money using a phone could be Swagbucks. You might earn points, or “SwagBucks“, for shopping as usual online and by using the mobile app. You don’t get direct cash back when converting SwagBucks, but there are plenty of gift cards to choose from.

You could net about $100 a year in Amazon gift cards depending on your regular shopping habits and doing small tasks, such as taking short surveys or answering the daily poll question in the mobile app. Not bad for doing what you might already do, especially when combined with other loyalty and rewards programs.

Realize, too, that sometimes it’s not about making a ton of money. If you can make a quick five bucks while you’re standing in line at the grocery store, that’s something. After all, that’s money you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

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