Ways to Make Astounding Income With Domains

How to make astounding Income Buying and Selling Domains!

The way to make the money is to find an expired domain that has 3 key advantages built in. Then buy it, possibly build a simple web site behind it, especially if there is existing traffic, then re-sell it for a profit. You can sometimes by a domain for as little as $9.99 and resell it for $200 or $400 or much more – $25,000!

Key Advantage # 1

Sort through the list of expired domains using either your keyword list or our list that you can download below. This will be targeting keywords and names that will more likely have high search volume and low competition.

Key Advantage # 2

Look for Backlinks on the domains you’ve selected for more research. Run checks on Google and search for the domain showing up with any links. If you find some, then you should rank the domain higher on the list of possible domains to purchase. You might even find some reviews of the domain as you search which give it an even stronger reason to consider it. This might also indicate there is still traffic going to the site. Bonus!

Key Advantage # 3

The last thing to look for is the price that this site might be selling for. You can check on sites like Godaddy for a Domain Appraisal to get an idea of what price you might be able to sell the domain. There are other sites that perform appraisals as well such as EstiBot.com but we’ve found Godaddy’s estimate to be good.

Websites that will help you find expired domains.

Spamzilla | https://www.spamzilla.io/

JUSTDropped | https://www.justdropped.com/

Run a domain appraisal.

Godaddy | Domain Appraisal

Run a Backlink Analysis

SEMRUSH | Bulk Backlink Analysis

Websites that will help you buy expired domains.

BPN Domains | https://domains.blogprofitnetwork.com/

Namecheap | https://namecheap.com/

.getexpi | https://en.getexpi.com/

Godaddy | https://godaddy.com/ $4.99 .COM Domains

Keyword / Trigger word List | Download

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