What Is The Meaning Of My Dreams On Being Wealthy

I regularly have dreams of passive income; of having an income that comes in no matter what I’m doing. My dreams of being wealthy would free my time to help others, to write my stories, to spend time working on important things like relationships, have fun, and play games.

Many times these dreams have led me to try new ways to earn a living. I’ve learned how to build a website so you would think it would be easy to make a steady wage online, but it isn’t that simple.

it was all a dream

Take Your Passion & Transform It into Revenue

Become an affiliate marketing by tapping into the core principles and secrets to industry success with Wealthy Affiliate. With no experience and no product, you’ll be empowered to start your own business from scratch, selling products and services that you’re passionate about. No matter the niche you decide, there’s a market for you.

Co-Founder Kyle teaches us how you can walk into a niche that you know very little about, and work towards a level of research that can power your business for a year ahead (or more) in a matter of an hour. That is what he does within this series of what I like to call “niche rip a-parts”.

Kyle spends time dissecting different niches and verticals, diving into the depths of customer interests, keyword research, market research, competition research, and how to use this information to establish a framework for a long-term business. I know you are going to find this training and his research processes fascinating, and very revealing.

Mental Blocks

What it is that keeps me from making dreams a reality is the question I constantly try to answer. How to change what I’m doing to make a difference in the outcome.

The difference came when I asked for help. Trying to change on my own hasn’t worked.

I want to teach you what I’m learning that has made my life change. Do you want to know what I am learning?

what is the meaning of my dreams of teaching


What is the meaning of my dreams? Honestly, the dreams give me guidance and drive me forward to make the changes I want in my life. I fight to bring these dreams to life. Every day that passes brings me closer to freedom! Doesn’t everyone deserve some level of freedom to do what they want to do?

Freedom of Time

Wealth brings freedom. Freedom of time to share your life with your loved ones and friends. Freedom to enjoy this world of wonders and wonderful people. I want to see you happy. How do I help you? Well, I can share what I know and what I learn and who I learn it from.

You’ve all heard the story of teaching a man to fish, you feed him for the rest of his life. If you only give him fish, he will be looking for food again tomorrow.

So the key to making my dreams come true is helping you make your dreams come true.

dreams of freedom to go surfing

What is the meaning of my dreams of wealth?

How much income does it take to be wealthy? I think of how much you spend surviving every day, every month, and every year. If you are considered wealthy, you can pay all your bills and have some extra to have fun, maybe travel, buy presents or even gamble in Vegas!

how much income does it take to be wealthy

How do you get what you need to become wealthy? What if you could get it in a different way that was fun, interesting, fulfilling, and mentally stimulating? Yes, you have to do some work to grow it, something like raising a child. But there are some great memories that go along with building your independent business.

What is the meaning of your dreams?

What is the meaning of your dreams? Do you work every day to make them come true? I want to help you make your dreams a reality. I want you to have dreams of wealth and freedom that you can achieve.

I want you to be able to travel or spend time at home with your family. Do what you want to do, no longer having to struggle to make enough to keep up with the bills.

Join our wealthy affiliate team to bring your dreams of wealth to life by building your passive income business on Wealthy Affiliate.

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