Who We Are


Hi, I’m Frank. It’s very nice to meet you. I’ve been helping people with computers for many years and have gained the experience you need to thrive in the online world.

I started out as a computer operator where I would run sales reports every morning, print them out on high-speed band printers, separate the 3-part forms, and deliver the reports to all the sales teams.

I learned about how the reports were being created by the programmers and my journey to becoming the website manager, ethical hacker, and software engineer I am today had begun.

Over time, I’ve learned many programming languages, built multiple servers and networks, and designed countless websites.

I enjoy working with websites the most because you immediately get to see the changes you make. There are so many areas of interest when you  work online.

I love the fact that while working online, having fun doing what I love to do, I can earn a comfortable living.

So, part of the reason for this website to exist is to share my knowledge, experience, and online adventures with you.

Join me on this entertaining adventure to learn what the World Wide Web has become. Learn how to design, build, and secure your own website. Finally, learn how you can make a comfortable living online.

Hopefully, you’ll meet some great people and make some new friends. See you online!

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